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They're used to never lifting a finger and insurance shopping is no exception. That's why they use e-INSURE,
the civilized way to shop for insurance.

Brock and Veronica Hampton are, as they see it, the most civilized couple of all time. They’re practically swimming in money and pride themselves on flying above the muckityfuss of life, and they simply don’t do grunt work. Or work in general, really. Comparison shopping for insurance included.

Where did all of their fortune come from, you ask? In 1848, six-times-great-grandfather Hampton stumbled upon a gold mine during a covered wagon drag race, and the rest is history.

Today the young couple chooses to spend their inheritance on only the finest: couture clothing hand-delivered by the designer every season, a swimming pool filled with melted snow, flown in fresh weekly from the Swiss Alps (for its stress-relieving properties!), and gifts for their beloved Betty the kangaroo, who is known to prefer her kale salads in a 24-karat, diamond-encrusted bowl.

Even the smallest task is a chore for Brock and Veronica. At their wedding, body doubles said their vows for them. Forget rinsing off dishes — Brock has a new set delivered after every meal. And Veronica, she doesn’t do selfies; too much thumb strain. She recently hired a professional photographer to style and shoot her brunch Instagrams.

Work simply isn’t in their vocabulary, which is precisely why they’ve never lifted a finger to shop for insurance. They use e-INSURE, the only way they know to shop for insurance that’s as civilized as they are. Instead of searching for one provider or another, they simply visit, and voila! The best rate on the right coverage. e-INSURE does all the work, while the Hamptons get all the benefit. Because that’s how they roll.

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