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Why Preventive Health Care Matters

Marketplace (Affordable Care Act) and many other health care plans must follow guidelines for preventive care services. In other words, preventive care is free of charge. These are services that can help you prevent future medical problems and expenses.


  • The goal of preventive care is to keep you healthy.
  • Preventive care is what you do before you get sick.

Preventive care services include things like:

  • Screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, colorectal cancer, diabetes, Hepatitis, HIV, lung cancer and obesity screening and counseling
  • Immunizations for a variety of diseases and conditions common among adults in general, women and children

Healthcare.gov provides comprehensive information about preventive health services.


Getting regular age-appropriate screenings, immunizations and check-ups are important for maintaining your health. Some of the reasons you should take advantage of preventive care include:

You Could Age Better

Everyone gets ill or has physical problems at some point, but taking care of yourself—which includes seeking preventive care—can improve your chances of avoiding chronic illness and physical problems that can hamper you as you grow older.

Early Detection Can Save Lives

If detected soon enough, many serious diseases and other health issues can be cured or managed before they progress. Even lesser health issues, preventive care can help you avoid painful symptoms and feel generally better and more energetic.

You’ll Save Money

Regular preventive care, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can help keep you from dealing with expensive financial loss from treating chronic disease or serious illness later on. Since most preventive services are free, you’ll likely just have to commit time, not money.

It’s for the Greater Good

Expensive treatments and health costs associated with illness drive up health care costs across the board. If everyone maintained regular preventive care, health care has the chance of becoming more affordable and efficient.

The most important reason to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise, diet and regular checkups, screenings and inoculations is you. These healthy habits make a big difference in quality of life, now and as we age.

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