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What is Medical Payments Coverage for Homeowners

If you have homeowners insurance it likely includes something called medical payments coverage, which is different than the liability portion of the policy. It has a relatively low payout and covers injuries accidently sustained by visitors on your property, regardless of who is at fault.

Medical Payments Coverage

Besides covering damages due to events like fire, hail and theft, a standard homeowners policy also covers accidental injuries to household members with the medical payments portion. Using medical payments coverage will often keep the injured person from suing the homeowner.

What it Covers

Medical payments coverage the injured individual’s necessary medical bills incurred up to three years of the accident, depending on the insurer.

Coverage includes:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Ambulance rides
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgery
  • X-rays
  • Dental work
  • Physical therapy
  • Prosthetic devices
  • Funeral services

Medical payments coverage covers injuries that occur on your property and adjoining property such as alleys and sidewalks. It can also pay for injuries sustained away from your home, if your dog bites somebody while you’re out for a walk, for instance.

What it Does Not Cover

  • An injured person who lives at the home
  • The injuries are related to a business done out of the home
  • You intentionally injure someone on your property
  • Injuries related to a motor vehicle (auto liability coverage is needed here)
  • Medical costs beyond the coverage limits

Coverage Limits

Coverage limits for necessary medical bills are typically $1,000 to $5,000, low amounts meant to cover minor injuries. Generally, medical payments coverage is for each person injured. You may want to up the limits’ ceiling if your insurance company allows it.

Liability Insurance

As with medical payments coverage, liability coverage is included in your homeowner insurance and covers injuries to guests to your property.

Liability insurance coverages include:

  • Protection if you or a member of your household is at fault
  • Limits that are much higher than for medical payments coverage. Liability insurance often features limits of $100,00 to $500,000
  • Property damage
  • Your legal defense (up to the limit) in the event you are sued
  • Lost wages for a guest if the injured can’t work
  • Pain and suffering

Exclusions to liability insurance include:

  • The injury, property damage or vandalism was intentional
  • Injury to you or a family member who lives in the home
  • Injuries or damages that relate to your self-employment
  • Personal belongings of a tenant

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