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To rent, or not to rent a vehicle while on vacation!

As you gear up to make that decision of where to go on your next annual family trip, or perhaps simply getting friends together for the next adventure, it may behoove you to take into account the driver safety of the respective country you’re visiting. To rent, or not to rent? Its generally understood that experiencing a new country, state or city while driving provides a sense of connectedness and hands-on involvement that taking tours cannot. The unfortunate downside to renting that vehicle is that it also comes with a bit of stress. Not only are you in an environment you are not familiar with, but depending on where you vacate, you could be in the midst of different driving laws, signs, and possibly language. All factors that can work the nerves, which is exactly what you’re trying not to do while on vacation. As you weigh the benefits and costs of driving during your next vacation, you may want to consider the list below. To aid in your analysis, EINSURANCE has collated the top 20 countries based on driver safety; which is defined by the amount of road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants per year for each country.


Top 20 ‘Driveable’ Countries

Irohazaka, Japan


Great St. Bernard Pass, Switzerland


Surprisingly, the top 20 countries regarding driver safety are of all population sizes and located around the globe. Countries in the top 20 range in population size from ~22 thousand to ~128 million. Thus, if you are keen to enjoy a scenic drive on your next vacation, you have a fairly diverse spectrum of driver friendly countries to choose from. Imagine driving through the alps in Switzerland, or the winding corners of Irohazaka in Japan, with the freedom of time and comfort, in your own rented vehicle.

Although the top 20 countries regarding driving safety are pretty diverse, the bottom 20 is the opposite. The overwhelming majority are small countries located in Africa. For reference, the United States is in the middle of the bunch with 10.9 road fatalities per 100k inhabitants per year, and the world as a whole is at 17.4.

As you triangulate on a final destination for your next adventure, if you happen to go with renting a vehicle, make sure you are properly insured. Safe travels, from your team here at EINSURANCE!



Road Fatalities per 100k inhabitants per year
1  Monaco 0
2  Federated States of Micronesia 1.9
3  Norway 2.2
4  Switzerland 2.6
5  Sweden 2.8
6  Kiribati 2.9
7  United Kingdom 2.9
8  San Marino 3.2
9  Netherlands 3.4
10  Denmark 3.5
11  Maldives 3.5
12  Israel 3.6
13  Singapore 3.6
14  Spain 3.7
15  Ireland 4.1
16  Germany 4.3
17  Iceland 4.6
18  Japan 4.7
19  Finland 4.8
20 Palau 4.8

Source: Wikipedia

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