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Six Benefits of Smart Home Security

If you are one of those people who think “smart” home technology is all about bells and whistles, capabilities that are cool but not necessary, it may be time to rethink it. Technology has grown and improved at break-neck speed and having a smart security system in your home has some very real benefits.

Benefits of a Smart Home Security

Smart home security can:

  • Keep your home and family safer
  • Save money

Unlike standard home security systems, smart tech allows you to be proactive and go beyond reacting after the damage is done.

Take a look at these benefits and consider the possibilities. Smart tech lets you:

  1. Keep an eye on your property and who’s inside your home.

Smart camera systems can let you know who is at your front door, who is stealing packages off your front porch, watch over at-home family members to keep them safer. See that your teens are doing their homework. You can be alerted by a text message that somebody entered your home and then take a look through cameras. Systems can also notify law enforcement.

  1. Automate your home.

A home that turns thermostats on and off can keep it at just the right temperatures and make sure the house is comfortable when you get home from work. Or, schedule the lights and television to come on at night so it appears that somebody is home—a helpful function that can deter thieves.

  1. Control your home remotely.

Manage your home while you’re away with the help of your smart phone. Ensure the front door really is locked. Keep tabs on who comes to your door. Unlock the front door when your teenager lets you know he forgot his key again. Or, maybe you’re expecting a visitor but don’t want to, interrupt what you’re doing—a simple command on your smart phone can open the door and let the visitor in.

  1. Save on energy costs.

Heating, cooling and lighting a home can be expensive. An automated system can be programmed for certain functions to happen at specific times. You can be assured that nothing was inadvertently left on to sap energy unnecessarily.

  1. Make it easier to sell your home.

A CNET and Coldwell Banker surveyfound that 81 percent of people who have already used smart home technology would be more willing to buy a home that has a smart system in place. This is likely to continue to trend as younger generations start buying homes.

  1. Save on home insurance coverage.

Smart home tech can help you save as much as 20 percent on homeowners insurance premiums. A home with smart security systems discourage theft or vandalism, so insurance providers are likely to save money. Learn more from this Einsurance journal article.

These are just of few key reasons that smart home technology can be beneficial, and it’s likely to get even better.

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