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How Your Job Affects Your Life Insurance Premiums

You’re in good health, you don’t smoke, you’re not a heavy drinker—you’d think that your life insurance premiums would be low. But carriers look at a lot of variables, including your occupation. Some jobs come with a higher risk of death, and its not always obvious which ones. Does Your Job Put You at Risk? […]

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Top Five Reasons to Insure Your Life

The federal government says you have to buy health insurance. Your state says you have to buy car insurance. Your mortgage lender says you have to buy homeowners coverage. But absolutely nobody (except maybe your brother-in-law the insurance salesman) is twisting your arm to buy life insurance. So you probably figure it’s one less thing […]

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5 Reasons to Get a Life Insurance Policy

You need food, water, shelter and the wherewithal (read: job) to pay for them. You may even need companionship, a good mobile plan and cable TV. But do you really need to fork out your hard-earned cash for life insurance?  Here are five good reasons to consider buying life insurance.   Others depend on your […]

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Life Insurance: Why People Don’t Buy Life Insurance

You’re at a party. You’ve just met a really attractive man or woman (your choice). You’re fascinated and intrigued until the conversation turns to careers. The object of your attention mentions that he/she is a life insurance agent, hands you a business card and suggests the two of you get together to discuss policy options. […]

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