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Life Insurance vs. Investing

At some point in everyone’s life, they are confronted with the decision to purchase, or not purchase life insurance. Although a grim subject, thinking critically about the costs and benefits associated with life insurance, and its inherent alternatives, will prepare you and those that depend on you, for the future. Before unpacking your options, lets […]

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

You’ve decided it’s time to purchase a life insurance policy. So, now the question is, how much life insurance do you need? First let’s look at why you want life insurance. What Life Insurance Can Do In the past, you may have thought you didn’t need life insurance. But circumstances—and minds—change. There are plenty of […]

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Your Term Life Insurance is Expiring. Now What?

Is your term life insurance coverage period approaching? You still have several options to consider if you want to remain insured. The first thing to know is, term insurance doesn’t just expire so your coverage doesn’t automatically disappear. Your term life insurance policy won’t disappear after the term ends, but the fixed premium will no […]

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What You Should Know About Employer-Provided Life Insurance

If your employer offers a life insurance benefit, by all means take it. But be aware of what group insurance is, and isn’t. While life insurance is a good benefit, it’s a good idea to learn the facts about the pros and cons of this type of coverage. Some Life Insurance Facts Life insurance through […]

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Insurance Reference Guides

Where you live may affect your coverage options. Our reference guide will assist you in findoing plans available in your state.

Insurance Terms Glossary

From "absolute liability" to "written premiums," we've done the work for you to define commonly used insurance terms.

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