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Insuring a Second Home: Is There a Difference?

When you buy that second home, whether it’s a vacation getaway or a house you intend to rent out, you’re going to need homeowners insurance. How you use a second home as well as where it’s located, and the home itself will affect what kinds of coverage you need and how much you need to […]

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How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost?

If you’re looking to buy a home you probably want to know about how much homeowners insurance will cost you. Or maybe you own a home and are wondering if your coverage is in line with other providers’ policies. So how much on average does homeowners insurance cost? The simple answer is about $952 per […]

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Home Insurance Rates: How Providers Determine How Much You Should Pay

How are homeowner’s insurance rates set? It’s complicated. On the surface, the two exact homes may seem as if their rates should be the same. Look a little deeper and you’ll probably find the rates differ, and the reasons are in the details. Providers decide insurance rates for a home by looking at a lot […]

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Insurance Reference Guides

Where you live may affect your coverage options. Our reference guide will assist you in findoing plans available in your state.

Insurance Terms Glossary

From "absolute liability" to "written premiums," we've done the work for you to define commonly used insurance terms.

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