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To rent, or not to rent a vehicle while on vacation!

As you gear up to make that decision of where to go on your next annual family trip, or perhaps simply getting friends together for the next adventure, it may behoove you to take into account the driver safety of the respective country you’re visiting. To rent, or not to rent? Its generally understood that […]

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Do You Qualify for a Low-Cost Government Auto Insurance Program?

Although most states require car owners to have auto insurance, 1 out of 8 nationwide drive uninsured, according to the National Association of Insurance(NAIC). But an uninsured driver can end up paying costing a driver a lot more than they would have paid in premiums. The amount you pay in auto insurance premiums varies depending […]

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How Bad Credit Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Unless you live in California, Hawaii or Massachusetts, if you have a less than stellar credit score you could be paying more for your auto insurance. That’s because states, with the exception of three, are allowed to charge you higher premiums if your credit score isn’t excellent. This practice is legal in 48 states. You […]

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What to Do if Your Brakes Fail

It’s every driver’s nightmare. You’re driving along and something up ahead—a curve in the road, an intersection, maybe a change in the speed limit—prompts you to try to slow down or stop, but your brakes don’t work. Now what? Fortunately, brake failure is not common. But, every driver should be prepared for the “what if”. […]

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Insurance Reference Guides

Where you live may affect your coverage options. Our reference guide will assist you in findoing plans available in your state.

Insurance Terms Glossary

From "absolute liability" to "written premiums," we've done the work for you to define commonly used insurance terms.

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