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Car Tech that Makes a Car Better

We tend to look at tech as something that makes life easier, more convenient. But with car technologies, they’ve become more than bells and whistles. Car tech can actually improve the driving experience and keep you safer in the process. Here are what tech can do for you and your car.

  1. Keep an eye on your car remotely.

Like “smart home” tech, many apps are available that will let you control your care remotely.

  • Lock and unlock the doors.
  • Start your car – nice for warming up your car on a cold day.
  • Check the fuel level, tire pressure and other things, depending on the app you have.
  1. Take the stress out of bumper-to-bumper and stop-and-go driving.

Adaptive cruise control uses sensors to match the speed of the care in front of you, slowing down and speeding up in sync with traffic. No more constant breaking and accelerating. Some systems will resume from a complete stop automatically, great for stop-and-go driving.

  1. Have a back-up for those times you get distracted behind the wheel.

Lane departure technology that warns you when its cameras senses that your car is driving into another lane. Some tech even gently put you back into the correct lane automatically. Head-up displays allow you to monitor readouts and navigation without taking your eyes off the road.

  1. Avoid collisions with pedestrians, other rear cross-traffic and objects when backing out of a parking space or driveway.

Rear cross-traffic alerts use sensors built into the rear of the car to alert you that a vehicle is approaching, or somebody is behind your car. Some tech will even brake automatically in order to avoid a collision.

  1. Get help applying the brakes in case of forward collisions.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) use several sensors to diminish the damage of an inevitable collision by applying the breaks automatically. AEB will be standard for new cars by 2022. These systems are not meant to be relied upon to stop you, but as a last resort.

  1. Keep track of your teen driver.

Teen driver car tech is gaining popularity, and several auto manufacturers are making it easier to monitor your teen’s driving. Depending on the technology included, such a system can:

  • Notify you if your teen drives faster than a specified speed.
  • Let you know of the car’s safety systems have been triggered.
  • Disable the car stereo if seatbelts aren’t engaged.
  • Keep the stereo from being turned up too high.
  • Let you detect where the car has been driven to, to make sure your teen isn’t going where they shouldn’t.

There are many more tech options to consider including exterior cameras, now required in cars in sold in the U.S. after May 1, 2018, blind-spot monitoring, and some comfort perks such as ventilated and heated seats, massaging seats, and a heated steering wheel.

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