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5 Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

The most common cause is the motorist’s failure to see the motorcycle in time. In fact, about three-quarters of all motorcycle accidents involve collisions with automobiles. And the motorcyclist is much more vulnerable than the driver and passengers in a car.

As a car driver, keeping an eye out for motorcycles can save lives. Here are some tips for driving safely when sharing the road with motorcycles.

How to Share the Road Safely with Motorcyclists

  1. Make a habit of checking for motorcycles.

Remind yourself to look out for motorcycles on the road. Sounds simplistic, but without a conscious effort, you could cause or get into an accident with a motorcyclist at some point.

  1. Never tailgate a motorcycle.

This is an important rule for all vehicles, but is especially so when following a motorcyclist, who is more vulnerable than a driver in a car. Stay at least two car lengths behind.

  1. Be alert when making a left turn at an intersection.

Among the most common motorcycle accidents involves a car making a left turn in front of an on-coming motorcycle. Look carefully for oncoming motorcycles before you turn.

  1. Change lanes carefully.

Before changing lanes, double check your blind spot. A motorcycle is even easier than a car to lose sight of in a blind spot. Always use your turn signal well before you switch lanes, so the others on the road with you are fully aware of your intentions.

  1. Remember that objects may be closer than they appear in your mirror.

It can be especially hard to gauge how close a motorcycle is and how fast it is moving. Always assume they are closer than they appear to be.

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