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10 Summer Car Care Tips

10 Summer Car Care Tips

Summertime and the living is easy – or hopefully, it is! Many people like to relax and unwind during the warmer months, taking vacations and long weekends to camp, hike, or lounge by the pool. With all this carefree living, the last thing you want to worry about is your car.

But summer heat and other weather conditions can cause trouble for your car with the added pressures of high heat and humidity coupled with more use. Being prepared for summertime driving can be easy, though, by following a few simple tips.

Read on for 10 summer car care tips and reach out with more questions!

10 Summer Car Care Tips to Stay Safe

Preparing your car for summertime driving is easy by following these tips.

1. Check Your A/C, coolant, and other fluids.

Take your vehicle to the shop for a once-over at the start of the summer season. Your mechanic can check the fluids, brakes, and other vital operating systems to make sure your car can handle the summer heat and extra pressures from cooling the vehicle on hot days. You’ll appreciate knowing your A/C is functioning and can cool the interior to an icy temperature quickly on those heatwave days.

2. Tire Pressure Issues.

Changes in air temperature can cause tires to gain or lose pressure. Checking your tires and keeping them inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications is a best practice you should consider all year long – but make sure to check them when you’re setting off for a summer road trip. That goes for your spare tire, too, if you don’t have run-flats. Your spare tire should be in usable condition just in case you need it.

3. Windshield Wipers May Need Replacing.

Your windshield wipers are a simple piece of equipment you probably don’t often think about until a sudden downpour strikes. Winter conditions can be rough on your wipers so take stock of their condition and replace them if they need it. They are an inexpensive investment in your safety you will appreciate when mid-afternoon thunderstorms become common in the height of summer.

4. Check Your Battery.

Battery issues can pop up unexpectedly in the summertime, so checking your battery can be a lifesaver. Many autobody shops and dealers can check your battery easily for free, so make stopping in for a battery check before your summertime road trip a priority.

5. Car Washes are Still Important.

Wintertime driving makes it obvious when we need to wash our cars with salt, mud, and ice building up on the vehicle. But it’s important to wash your car in the warmer months, as well. Bugs and bird droppings can damage the paint and blemish the glass. It’s also important to keep your windows and windshield clean – humid weather and sudden afternoon rain showers can cause the glass to fog and be more difficult to see through.

6. Give your auto insurance a check-up.

Summer is a good time to check in with your auto insurance before you hit the road. Have you made any changes, such as adding a teen driver or a new vehicle? Do you know how your car insurance works if you drive a rental car or a friend’s car while on vacation? What about renting a scooter, motorbike, or golf cart while you’re on a trip? Giving your auto insurance a check-up by calling your agent and reviewing your coverage together is a great idea to make sure you have the right coverage in place when you’re driving this summer.

7. Purchase a Sunshade.

A dashboard sunshade can be a lifesaver in tropical and subtropical climates. A sunshade is a removable, foldable shade that can be placed over the windshield inside the vehicle – they protect the dashboard and interior of your vehicle from UV rays that can damage leather and fabric and keep the car cooler. You can also install shades or window tints for passenger windows so children can stay cool while in the car.

8. Renew Your Auto Club Membership.

If you’ll be traveling by car this summer, consider joining an auto club like AAA. Check with your dealership or vehicle manufacturer first, though, as many new cars come with a manufacturer-specific roadside assistance program. You may also have some roadside assistance with your auto insurance company, so ask your agent before you purchase an additional roadside assistance package.

9. Carry Water.

In the wintertime, you might carry an emergency kit in case you’re stranded – try doing the same in hot weather. Carry water for yourself and all passengers and pets. Consider adding things you may need handy for warmer weather, like bug spray, sunscreen, and electrolyte tabs or drink mixes. It is easy to get dehydrated without realizing it, and if your vehicle breaks down it can become a dangerous situation quickly in the hot weather.

10. Park Smarter.

Consider where you park your vehicle in the summer months. Try for shade or covered parking during the hottest parts of the day to keep your vehicle cooler and protect the paint from the sun. Summertime also can bring hailstorms, depending on where you live – hail damage can be severe so parking under cover can help save your vehicle during unexpected hailstorms, too. When stormy, windy weather is predicted take care to avoid parking directly under trees that may drop branches onto your vehicle.

For More Information on Summer Car Care

Enjoy your summer and stay safe by preparing with these 10 summer car care tips. To learn more about caring for your car in the summertime, contact us at Einsure.

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