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Catastrophic Health Insurance – Do You Need It?

A Catastrophic health insurance policy is all you need—if you hardly ever use it. Deductibles are high and premiums are low. To be eligible you must be: Under the age of 30, OR Be eligible for a hardship exemption How Catastrophic Health Insurance Works Think of it as a health back-up plan. You’re young and […]

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How Do I File a Medicare Appeal?

For many American seniors, Medicare is a blessing. But for some it can be a curse instead, with rulings that don’t always make sense to you or your doctor. Fortunately, you can appeal Medicare decisions several times if necessary. According to the Medicare Rights Center, 80 percent of Medicare Part A (hospital care) appeals, and […]

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Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft?

Before you buy homeowners insurance for the house you are purchasing, ask questions. A common one is: Does homeowners insurance cover theft? The answer: Typically, homeowners insurance covers property theft and damage after someone breaks in and steals your personal property. But, as is true of many insurance policies, there are nuances to consider. Types […]

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What is Medical Payments Coverage for Homeowners

If you have homeowners insurance it likely includes something called medical payments coverage, which is different than the liability portion of the policy. It has a relatively low payout and covers injuries accidently sustained by visitors on your property, regardless of who is at fault. Medical Payments Coverage Besides covering damages due to events like […]

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Insurance Reference Guides

Where you live may affect your coverage options. Our reference guide will assist you in findoing plans available in your state.

Insurance Terms Glossary

From "absolute liability" to "written premiums," we've done the work for you to define commonly used insurance terms.

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