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Universal Health Care: What is It and Could It Succeed in the US?

Health care in the United States is highly politicized these days. It’s a multi-faceted issue, with one side believing that every citizen should have access to healthcare and propose that universal health care is the answer. On the other end of the spectrum, naysayers insist that health care for all would jeopardize our free-market economy. […]

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Potholes: How to Avoid Damage to Your Car

The dreaded pothole. Sometimes you see it in time to avoid it, other times you don’t. You may not even be able to avoid it if you’re in heavy, fast-moving traffic. Follow some simple tips and you can avoid pothole-induced damage to your car, or yourself if it causes an accident. Over time, road surfaces […]

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How to Move from Obamacare to Medicare

If you’re approaching eligibility for Medicare you likely have a lot of questions. Enrolled in the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) right now? You’ll probably have even more. Let’s explore what the transition from Obamacare to Medicare can look like. Once you’ve enrolled for Medicare Part A and your plan kicks in you must […]

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Are Your Driving Habits Bad for Your Car?

Even the most conscientious car owner can have bad driving habits. If you’ve picked up some, you could be damaging your car. The problem is, you probably don’t recognize a damaging habit for what it is. As it turns out, some of the most common actions are slowly but surely causing harm to your car. […]

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Where you live may affect your coverage options. Our reference guide will assist you in findoing plans available in your state.

Insurance Terms Glossary

From "absolute liability" to "written premiums," we've done the work for you to define commonly used insurance terms.

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